Wooden interior ideas for an eco-friendly, natural look

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There have been a great many changes in interior design over the last few decades. Gone are the manmade materials of plastic and steel, to be replaced by good old-fashioned wood. Yes, wood has made a comeback, and in a big way!

Why go for wood in the home?

The last few years have seen an interior design trend that favors the natural look. We live in such a manufactured world, surrounded by high-rise glass and concrete buildings, constantly dipping in and out of digital technology, that we seem to yearn for a little nature in our surroundings. Having furniture made out of natural materials is just one way we can achieve this. Wood has advantages over other materials too: it can, if treated properly, last for generations; it has a beautiful appearance that can be mixed with almost anything; and it always manages to bring warmth to a home.

Natural interior design trends

You could argue that wood has always been used in furniture and this is, to an extent, true. It naturally had a virtual monopoly in the pre-Industrial Revolution days, but suffered from the advent of plastic and metal manufacturing in the twentieth century. But wood is back and is hopefully here to stay. Wood is used in a variety of ways in interior d├ęcor, not just for furniture, but also for floors and wall coverings.

Types of wooden furniture

There are many ways that wooden furniture can be utilized. The most obvious choice is in tables, both in the form of coffee tables and side tables for the living room, and a table and chairs for the dining room, as well as chest of drawers and desks for home offices. But designers are also using wood in innovative ways, using it to decorate walls in place of wallpaper and paint.


There is only one thing that people choosing wood for their homes need to make sure of before they buy, and this is that the wood has come from sustainable woodlands and forests and has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner. This, however, should not be too much of a problem these days, for retailers know that consumers want and expect this. Just look for the certification badge from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on new furniture to make sure it comes with all the eco-credentials.

An alternative to new wood is to use reclaimed wood, and there is plenty of this about due to the refurbishment of old properties and the breaking up of old, unwanted furniture. Reclaimed pine furniture is particularly good for creating eco-friendly and elegant furniture, and when sold, should be accompanied by a Rediscovered Wood Certification label from the Rainforest Alliance. In addition, a great deal of the furniture created from reclaimed pine is made using traditional carpentry techniques, helping to keep our old crafts very much alive.

Wood definitely has a central place in the modern home, enjoyed for the warmth it gives to an interior and its natural touch, all helping to make the home a far more pleasant place to live in.

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