Tiny Ways You Can Save The Planet Every Single Day

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We’re becoming more and more aware of the damage we’ve done to our planet. We’ve plundered its essential, natural resources. We’ve pumped CO2 into the air and thrown rubbish into the oceans. We are slowly realising the consequences of our actions and making a change. It’s such a huge, global problem, it often seems that – as individuals – we are powerless to help. How can we help such a wide scale problem? Well, we take the opinion that lots of little actions add up to a huge change. Today we’re sharing some of our favourite tiny actions you can do everyday to help save the planet.

Replace one light bulb with an energy efficient alternative. – Did you know, that if every household in America did this, the effect would be the same as taking one million cars off the road? Small changes really do make a difference. Use an efficient lightbulb and you’ll also save money on energy bills, so this is a no brainer.

Turn appliances off – This is such a simple trick that we all forget from time to time. It’s easy to leave the TV on standby, or the coffee machine on. The worst offenders are computers which are so easily left on overnight. Take the time to nip around the house turning everything off occasionally.

Stop charging your phone overnight. – Our phones take an average of two hours to charge fully. When you leave it charging overnight, we waste far more electricity than we need to. Charge it during the day and only as much as it needs.

Plant your own fruit and veg – We all know that locally sourced, organic food is good for the planet. So why not keep it really local? Your back garden is as local as it gets, plus home grown fruit and veg tastes so much better! We order our fruit trees from http://www.pomonafruits.co.uk/ and have never gone back.

Go veggie once a week – Eating meat has a bigger environmental impact than you might think. A lot of water is used in the meat process and thousands of trees are destroyed for grazing land. Go veggie just once a week and you’ll make a small difference.

Recycle – Our landfill sites are piling up faster than we can handle. Excess rubbish is thrown into the ocean, killing wildlife and destroying ecosystems. Keep that in mind every time you throw something away. Think about whether it could be recycled or reused instead.

Drive less – Cars are one of the biggest strains on the environment. Car manufacturers are making a big change through hybrid engines and efficient systems. But, you can help too. Try carpooling to work or even getting on your bike. You can improve your exercise routine and help save the planet by driving less.

Plant a tree – Finally, go out and plant a tree! It’s so much easier than you think. Pick up a sapling from the garden centre and pot it in your garden. Easy.

There are so many little ways that you can make a difference. Don’t think for a second that your actions don’t count. Tiny actions add up to huge change when we all chip in!

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