The Top 5 Advantages of Using an Illuminated Mirror

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How much time do you spend in front of the mirror? Your bathroom mirror is your secret indulgence – something you can install in your home that gives you plenty of hours of pleasure as well as being useful and functional on the surface. Millions of people understand that it takes a while to perfect a look, and the bathroom mirror is the place to do it. But others know that speed and accuracy are of the upmost importance when getting ready for work in the morning. Luckily there is a type of bathroom mirror that is both practical and luxurious – the illuminated bathroom mirror. Here are the advantages of having one in your house.


  1. High-Quality Lighting

You need good lighting when you are applying make-up or carrying out other detailed tasks like shaving, in front of the mirror. LED bulbs are highly efficient lights that supply uniform, clean light across the face – the light is widespread, which cuts down the incidence of shadow on the face. LEDs are also low in energy consumption, making them good for the household that uses a lot of electricity.

  1. Well-Placed Lighting

Where you put your lights in the bathroom also makes a difference to how well you see yourself. An overhead light highlights shadows under your chin, nose, and eyes – and it does not help with the task of colour-matching, which means that make-up application can be uneven and look wrong outdoors. Illuminated mirrors have lights installed on either side of the mirror, which reduces shadow and allows you to see the whole of the face clearly.

  1. Useful and Functional

Old-fashioned and antique mirrors may look beautiful but they do not have the functionality of the modern illuminated mirror. And practicality is what you need when you are getting ready to go to work or you’re running late to meet friends. You want to get the job done quickly, without any mistakes. Using an illuminated mirror is the quickest way to apply make-up or shave without problems.

  1. Extra Features

Can you do without the anti-fog feature that comes as standard with many illuminated mirrors? If you don’t have this feature you end up having to wait after your shower for the steam to clear before you can see. Illuminated mirrors also come with sockets for shavers, and additional storage space behind the mirror which you can use to reduce clutter in the bathroom.

  1. Quality of Glass

Illuminated mirrors are manufactured using excellent quality glass and are designed to last for years. You can get glass in various magnification levels, in order to be able to see clearly even when you need glasses to apply make-up.

A quick search on the internet revealed plenty of providers of illuminated bathroom mirrors, including Take a look at the different shapes, sizes, and styles available to find a mirror that suits the look of your bathroom and the space you have available.

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