The most innovative eco-designs you can bring to your home

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It’s becoming more and more apparent that households are now turning to eco-friendly and greener ways of living. Whilst many have turned to these more sustainable options to help heat, power and even build their modern homes for environmental reasons, it is fair to assume that many are just looking to help reduce their costs of living and bring down those ever-increasing energy bills.


Energy efficiency is crucial not only for our future but also for the future of our environment. We are becoming increasingly concerned about the world around us and how we just go about living our everyday lives has an impact on it. There’s been a surge of innovation when it comes to energy saving and monitoring around our homes. Aside from the introduction of hybrid cars parked in our driveways and some unappealing solar panels embedded on our roofs, there’s a huge range of other innovative ideas that have found their way in to our homes.


Eco-conscious homeowners who have the luxury and opportunity of building their new dream home from the ground upwards now have the chance of being able to select all the materials used in its construction. Houses can be created from a range of reused materials taken from old buildings as well as natural materials and elements such as wood and stone. There have even been sustainable building projects that have seen homes build entirely from discarded waste such as old DVDs and floppy discs.

If you are already a homeowner or are looking to sell your house fast, there are ways in which you can improve its energy efficiency. Aside from the aforementioned solar panels which have proved to be a fantastic way in which to generate your own power around the home with more than enough juice left over there are endless other energy-saving elements you can add to you homestead. Homes can now be fitted with rainwater harvesting tanks, special heat recovery ventilation systems or other mechanical ventilation options. The installation of panels and special systems such as this can be costly but they are an investment and over time you will see the benefits particularly from a financial point of view.


If you haven’t quite got the luxury of money on your side in order to invest in an eco-friendly system for your home there are still numerous and more cost-effective ways in which you can bring down the costs of your bills and save energy instead of wasting it. By installing triple glazing and cavity insulation around the parts of your home that don’t quite hold the heat will go a long way in improving energy loss. If you head to your local DIY store you will also be able to pick up some cheap insulation in order to place around your water tanks and pipes which will also help to retain the heat and may even lead to you being able to heat up your water at a lower temperature.

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