Spring Clean your Shower Enclosure

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Spring cleaning is an important annual celebration – slough off the old, bring in the new!

Be sure not to forget a thorough cleaning of your shower enclosure. Showers need regular cleaning, but routine cleaning is easier if you start with a thorough clean shower first. Research has displayed that dirty showers aren’t too healthy, according to the BBC.

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Steps to a Perfectly Clean Shower!

Follow these steps to ensure your enclosure is completely clean.

  1. Empty out the shower enclosure. Remove all washcloths, sponges, razors, soap dishes, and bottles.
  2. Rinse off the walls and floor of the enclosure using a bucket or your handheld shower head. Pull out any hair or solid particles that accumulate in the bottom of the shower.
  3. Open a window for ventilation, and put on some rubber gloves. Thick rubber gloves are the best for this as the thin ones may get pulled and torn.
  4. Spray the shower enclosure with a bleach-based mildew cleaner following the directions on the bottle. Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a utility brush. If you prefer home-made cleaning products, look online for recipes!
  5. Rinse the shower thoroughly to remove mildew cleaner.
  6. Using a mixture of hot water and vinegar and the utility brush, scrub to remove hard water spots, especially from the metal taps and knobs.
  7. Clean the shower door using white vinegar and a sponge. If you have a shower curtain, a spring clean represents a good time to replace it!
  8. Run the water in the shower enclosure until it is very hot. Let it run for a few minutes to create steam and loosen dirt. Using the utility brush, scrub the tiles. Tilt the utility brush to clean the grout between the tiles, and to clean around the taps and knobs.
  9. If possible, remove the knobs and clean inside them.
  10. The shower head is one of the dirtiest parts of your shower. Remove it and let it soak in a bowl of straight vinegar for several hours or overnight. Scrub the holes with the edge of your utility brush.
  11. Clean out the drain. Remove any removable parts and pull out any hair and dirt lodged in the drain. You can use a commercially purchased drain hook or a crochet hook to assist with removing debris. Plunge the drain until all the hair is removed and the water flows freely. If necessary, soak the drain parts in the vinegar bowl with the shower head until clean, and then reassemble.
  12. At this point, your shower enclosure should be extremely clean. If you still notice stains or dirt, consider using a scraper of some sort, or a strong acid-based cleanser or other commercial cleanser on the difficult-to-clean places.

Clean Your Accessories Too!

Soak the soap dishes in hot water with baking soda and vinegar, and then scrub with a utility brush. You may need to use a soap scum buildup remover if the dishes are very dirty. Wash all the cloths and sponges, and wipe off the bottles with a warm wet cloth. Unless the razor is brand new, consider just replacing it.

Never put dirty toiletries back into a clean shower!

If you find you enclosure is beyond saving, you may want to consider a new shower enclosure. With retailers like Plumb Center, there’s a significant amount of choice available.


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