Sliding doors offer up a panoramic view of the outside world

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Sliding external doors and double glazed patio doors are nothing new; they have been around for well over five decades. What is new however is the technology has moved on apace. Triple glazed doors and windows which are designed and manufactured to the highest technical specification and structural strength are now more than mere architectural features.

Bring the great outdoors indoors

If you have a view to die for or merely want to open up your back garden to make it more of an integral element of your day to day living, you should seriously contemplate the idea of having triple glazed windows and sliding doors installed.

The added benefit of installing modern triple glazing is energy efficiency; real savings can be made on heating and energy bills. Combined with loft insulation and cavity wall infill, by installing energy efficient triple glazing it is possible to reduce energy consumption by as much as seventy percent a year, according to an article in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper. It goes further to state that:

’by installing an air source heat pump system for heating the interior space, and solar panels for generating electricity, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint of a home to zero’…


However, it isn’t merely about the savings on household budgets which can be achieved; it is also about the aesthetic. Modern glazing is now more a statement of lifestyle choice. It is about making the life you live just that little bit more special.

It is also a statement about life values such as concern for the environment, the reduction of carbon emissions to the atmosphere as a result of reduced energy consumption. The Scandinavians long ago embraced the idea of triple glazing and enhanced insulation to domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Given their winters are far more severe than winters in the UK, you may not consider the benefits of high energy efficient triple glazing to be as equally profound in the UK as it is over there.


The winters here may be much milder than those experienced in Scandinavia; however, the summers are warmer and longer. Energy efficient buildings which are fitted with triple glazing units can maintain a constant interior ambient temperature all year round, whatever the weather outside.

Living efficiently is one thing; living comfortably is quite another. A property which performs efficiently as well as consistently takes the thinking out of the equation. You can save money on energy consumption by installing modern glazed units.

You can easily open up your internal space to the outside so that both become one if you install sliding doors and large windows. You can have the best of both worlds as well as comfortable living.

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