Safety Precautions to take while Operating a Heating and Cooling System

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Maintaining the internal temperature of your living room or basement at the desired level becomes inevitable when the external temperature goes high or low. This is achieved by running a suitable heating and cooling system that is generally easy to use as well as maintain. Although regular maintenance ensures efficient performance, there are a few system malfunctions that can take place due to the problem in its components namely, thermostat, distribution system, and heat/cold source.

In case the system is not running, the fault is perhaps with the source, which can be loss of power, unavailability of the fuel to the unit, faulty thermostat, and non-ignition of fuel such as gas. In case the system has started but no warm or cool air is felt in the distant areas of your home, the fault is probably in the distribution system. Regardless of has happened to the system, you will always try to resolve it, won’t you?

Whether you are trying to resolve a problem or simply start the unit, it is extremely essential to do so with utmost care for the sake of your own safety. Getting started with simple steps is good but it is wise to do so with some safety precautions discussed below.

Turn off the Power Supply

This seems to be a step of common sense but it becomes uncommon to do so while dealing with a problem, mainly because of panic or haste. Therefore, do make a checklist of the same and glue it to the wall where your attention is likely to fall more while dealing with the unit.

Prior to handling any type of system for heating or cooling a room, ensure that the power supply is withdrawn completely by tripping the corresponding circuit roller or removing the fuse present at the main panel. The latter option is handy for those who are unaware which circuit turns on the system.

Give a Professional Servicing Touch

This is a safety measure because hiring such a service once a year drastically reduces the probability of risks that such a system can trigger to threaten your health. As a tip, the best time for such servicing is the off-season so that you can get it done at the most affordable rate and in the most prompt manner.

One cannot forget that a heating and cooling system is an electrical unit that needs comprehensive servicing, which only a professional expert can do. This is essential even if your unit is working fine and needs no repair. Even though you might know all tweaks and tricks of cleaning and maintaining the unit, not all of them are meant to be carried out by your naïve mind and eager hands. Therefore, to retain the most efficient working condition of your unit, it is extremely essential to get is serviced professionally at least once a year.

Do Not Touch Please!

This is the ultimate mantra to follow in case your unit runs on gas and that there is a smell of it in the different areas of your home. You might be tempted to withdraw the gas supply or turn off the main electrical panel. However, avoid doing so and leave the main door open before running out of your home. Finally, without any delay, call the gas service centre instantly and do not get back in the home until the professionals come and solve the problem.

Bio: Trevor Wagenheim is an avid interior designer who loves to do several tasks for home improvement on his own. He recommends for buying high performing heating and cooling systems!

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