Reduce Your Carbon Footprint One Step At A Time

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As we are become more and more aware of the impact that we are having on our environment, it is becoming increasingly important for us to do what we can to counter it. Whole nations have CO2 emissions targets that they are now legally required to meet, so how can we not just help to meet it but surpass it?


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Little steps is all it takes. If every one of us took just small steps, it all adds up to one big journey that we take together. There are things around the home that we can do to help, and they don’t much time. In fact, some of them can even help us to save some money.


  • low energy lightbulbs – These little guys have been around a while now, but not everybody has jumped on board with them. Low energy bulbs are not just more efficient, meaning that they use much less energy than the old standard but they also last much longer.


Switching out to these instead of the old style bulb can save you money on two fronts, and help lower the use of fossil fuels by reducing the amount of electricity needed to be generated.


  • Turn off the air conditioning for longer periods at night – we all know how hot it can get, especially in the city but do you really need the AC to be on 24/7? Ceiling fans can be an excellent way to help keep a room cool, and Hunter ceiling fans with lights mean that you can have the AC off at night too.


Obviously AC units are power hungry, much more so than a ceiling fan, and any opportunity to switch them off should be grabbed with both hands.


  • Lights and appliances – Speaking of switching things off, if a light doesn’t need to be on then why leave it that way? Switch off the light every time you leave a room you are no longer using. This applies to appliances too – if it isn’t being used, unplug it from the wall.


  • Insulate your attic space – Heat rises, and once it gets to the top of your home it will simply keep on going. Think of it as a bucket in reverse. If you have a hole in the bottom, you have to keep pouring in water to keep it full.


If you plug the holes, you only have to fill it once. Your home is the same with heat. If you plug your attic with insulation, you stop the heat leaking out meaning you don’t have to keep your heating on all the time.


  • Nest it – Everyone likes coming home to a warm house, but why leave it on all day for a small luxury? Smart thermostats like Nest can be switched on and off remotely, so you can turn on the heating while you wait for the taxi to get you from the restaurant.


Small steps indeed, but they can make all the difference in the world if we are all prepared to take them together.


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