Modernize Your Home With These Aluminum Interior Design Ideas

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Because of its versatility, metal is one of the preferred materials used for home improvement and home decorating projects. Wrought iron, steel, and aluminum are all very durable and can be used in many different ways. Metal elements are also surprisingly diverse. If carefully chosen, metal staircase hardware can add a feeling of open space, lightness, modernity, traditional elegance, old world style, or many other evocative themes to your home. Though the graceful curlicue wrought iron designs are loved by many, these themes are not a perfect fit for every home or for every taste. Many people prefer a clean, modern, even futuristic look in their living space. Aluminum is the ideal material for spaces like these.


Surprising Design Diversity

Aluminum is a lightweight, light colored metal that offers exciting design possibilities for living spaces. It is most frequently seen in homes designed with a modern theme. Shelving, door hardware, lighting fixtures, and even furniture details can be selected to coordinate with this aesthetic. The light, bright appearance of aluminum makes it an ideal complement to splashes of color, glass features, wood, and much more. Aluminum balusters and other elements are also quite affordable when compared to similar items made from wrought iron and other materials.

Adding Aluminum to Your Staircase and Surrounding Space

Staircases and railings can be enhanced with aluminum. For instance:

  • Sleek aluminum railings trace the path of a staircase as it ascends. Select a railing solution that feels good under your hand. Railings with curved and flat surfaces can be easily sourced from any well-stocked home design company.
  • Vertical elements, including balusters and posts, are also available in aluminum or with aluminum finishes. You can find these elements in narrow diameters, which can work very nicely in a small space.
  • Consider pairing aluminum staircase elements with aluminum elements in the rest of the home. If a staircase is located near the front door, add a doorknocker and a new front door knob with an aluminum finish.

Integrating Aluminum Into a Prevailing Theme

There are many varieties of modern and futuristic design themes. Selecting one or two to focus on can help guide your decorating choices. A computerized, high-tech environment is different than a minimalist, modern Scandinavian-inspired home. Do you own pieces of artwork you would like to highlight? These can provide engaging color palettes for the selection of other decorative elements.

Once you begin adding aluminum features to your home, you will discover for yourself just how much this material has to offer. It is the perfect complement to many design themes and improvement materials.

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