Making Your Kitchen Timelessly Dazzling with Cool Remodeling Choices

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1177_aranzacja_wnetrza_-_dom_-_Maroon_5_-_Adam_Levin_-_kuchnia_-_kuchn_4999Are you looking to upgrade or remodel your kitchen with longer trending choices? Well, the smart key to do so is to implement the items that have been known for their timeless beauty coupled with highly functional features. This is very much the need in case of complete or major kitchen remodeling that can actually cost you more than $50,000. Therefore, you want to do it all in the right way so that good returns are also ensured on sale. Here are some time proven remodeling choices for your kitchen, which help in retaining the value and charm of your cooking area.
Hardwood Floors

According to Debe Robinson who has worked in flooring industry, this is one of the essentials that both men and women accept. This is perhaps because of the favor we all have for wood furniture and fixtures. Usually, wood has always been admired for its warmth, welcoming ambiance, and magnetic qualities. The material is ideal for open floor plans. Variations such as oak and maple will disregard the extra movement effects for years. Moreover, not only wood tends to stay for more than 100 years with only 10 to 12 times of refurbishment but is also a green material.

Carrara Marble for Special Areas

This material is a classic one that lasts for several decades to come! Carrara’s subtle white colors render a great kitchen look; its distinct whiteness is something that no other stone possesses and that it is readily available due to which it is affordable as compared to other options like quartz. Although this marble is vulnerable to staining, you can make it highly resistant by using the modern sealants. Do consider this material for your countertop!

Sharp Storage

It is a fact that modern homes have multi-tasking kitchens but with the storage space literally designed outside the kitchen. The reason behind this approach is within the statement with the word ‘multi-tasking’. Well, its time to become more efficient by having in intelligent storage featuring turning, folding, and sliding compartments and shelves. This should be planned within the kitchen wherein the storage zone must first accommodate the most-used items such as cups, work knives, pans, pots, and lighter, and so on. The unit should be such that you can catch hold of what you want in just one pull or slide.

For those who are fans of space as well as cost saving ideas, stud space for shelves is more likely to amaze when it comes to kitchen storage. Consider using the lower-level area within the walls for designing shelves of recycled material, an idea popular in Victorian architecture. However, ensure that there is plumbing or wiring work is not done in that area.

Go White

This is the kitchen color that simply never goes out of vogue! Right since the beginning, the color has been linked to purity, happiness, and new initiatives. When applied in kitchens, it radiates a glow of purity and makes the area look bigger even if it is not! Further, it is like an instant indicator of dirt, which eliminates the risk of being away from any hidden place where dust accumulates. Above all, you will find white in any kitchen elements such as tiles, cabinets, sinks, faucets, and counters; which are available even at a budget rate.

Think Fusion

How about combining different pieces or materials to create an island with an old soda fountain stools available online at most affordable rate? Why not mix the Carrara marble countertop with two premade cabinets combined with butcher-block top? The benefits of doing so are creative look and affordable investment.

Bio: Kurt Potter is an experienced writer who is passionate about writing on home topics. He has researched on several manufacturers for home remodeling and has preferred Timberzone for flooring designs.


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