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We are at a critical point in history.

The consumption of non-renewable resources like oil, gas, and coal is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and the earth can’t keep up. Yet, despite dwindling resources and everything we know about climate change, the use of these three fossil fuels is projected to increase in the coming decades, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The only possible way to mitigate global warming is if the worldwide consumption of these fossil fuels can be drastically reduced in the next 10-15 years.

This seems like a big task, maybe too big a task for one person or one family, right? But that’s exactly where this change needs to take place: with you.

Solar power is the future of alternative energy, and the most widely used. Producing no pollution and no environmental effects, it is free, reliable energy from the sun. That’s why every three minutes someone goes solar. Will you be next?

At See.Solar, we bring qualifying residents in select states solar power to their homes through a variety of plans made possible by one of the nation’s leading residential solar service providers, SolarCity. The process is surprisingly simple.

1.    We offer a free home consultation to find out if solar is right for you.

2.    Once we agree on a plan, SolarCity will design a customized solar system for your home.

3.    Surveyors will come out to take measurements.

4.    Engineers will get to work on the design.

5.    When your system is ready, a one-day installation is all we need to get things underway at your home. SolarCity handles all the details, including necessary permitting, so no work is required on your part.

Unlike other personal investments, the benefits of going solar are far-reaching. For every person who starts to change their habits, their way of living—who makes a conscious decision to use less of the earth’s resources—our planet breathes a sigh of relief. For every person who makes a positive change like going solar, another friend, family member, or neighbor gets curious: maybe I should change, too?

Going solar is a positive home investment that allows you to spend less on your energy bills by simply harnessing the sun’s energy. Quickly, you’ll see a reduction in the amount of money you’re spending monthly on utilities—meaning more money for savings, for bills, for trips, for your children. You decide.

More importantly though, going solar positions you as a change agent within your neighborhood, community, and circle of friends. Commit to living a more mindful life in honor of the environment, and watch as the people you know and love follow in your footsteps. It’s a big task, but you’re up to it.

Best of all? You can start today.

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