Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient By Applying These Practical Tips

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There’s no doubt that the 21st century is making everyone think more about the efficiency of things in our homes. Rising energy bills and increased pollution are some of the catalysts that change the way we think about our energy.

As you are reading this blog post, I am going to assume that you’re concerned about your home’s energy use. Keep reading to find out how to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Feel free to share a link to this page with your friends and family via social



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Insulate your attic

Most houses have an attic that many of us often use as storage space. Sometimes we might convert these attics into bedrooms or recreation rooms. During the colder months of the year, you will doubtless turn your home’s heating systems on.

The trouble with attics is that they usually let out a lot of heat from your home. As you already know, heat rises. If that hot air is escaping through your attic, you will waste energy and money because it will take longer to heat your rooms.

To combat this problem, you need to have your attic insulated. Some homeowners choose to carry out this task themselves. While others may hire a pro to do it for them. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to get this done. The savings you’ll make on your energy bills will be worth getting the work done!

Use energy-efficient lighting

Incandescent and halogen light bulbs work by heating up an element inside the bulb. They got used in homes around the world for decades. They are cheap to buy and easy to install. But their main disadvantage is they aren’t energy-efficient.

Replace all the bulbs in your home with ones that are more efficient. Places like stock CFL and LED bulbs. They emit the same lighting power but use far fewer watts to get the job done!

Although they cost more, I recommend LED lighting. That’s because they use even less power than CFL energy-saving bulbs.

Fit solar panels on your roof

Many people think that solar power gets used only to generate electricity. Did you know that you can also use them to heat water too? If you live in a cold but sunny part of the world, it makes sense to fit solar panels to the roof of your house!

And if you want to generate your own electricity, you can often “sell” your unused electricity back into the grid. Who would have thought that being eco-friendly could be so enterprising?

Replace your appliances with energy-efficient models

Have you got old appliances in your home? If so, now is the time to replace them with brand new, energy-efficient models. You might not know it, but your trusty washing machines and tumble dryers could be using a lot of your electricity!

These days appliance makers have a duty to manufacture efficient units. If you live in Europe, for example, machines come with efficiency ratings. They range from A (efficient) to G (not efficient).

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