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This infographic made me turn my house upside down (well it would have done if I could be bothered, but it might help you.) According to the graphic we are all sitting on money; metaphorically of course. Some of these statistics I was surprised by, for example, in total, Britain has an estimated £5.6 billion worth of clutter in their houses! Wow.
It might be time to do something about it. Comb through the house and sell your stuff online. According to the infographic the main problem areas are the loft, the bedrooms (usually a spare), and the garage. Have a look, you might find some forgotten gems that are worth taking out of storage, or you might find a lost treasure that could make you a tidy profit from selling.
Apparently, some of the problem items (and the things you might want to sell) are mainly clothes and shoes, sports equipment, and video games. Talking from experience video games can sell for quite a bit, especially if they’re vintage. This is because the companies no longer make them and so the only way to get hold of them is to go through second hand sellers.
If you’re selling, there’s a market out there for you.

De-clutter your home infographic
De-clutter your home infographic is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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