Four seasons of lawn care

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Enjoying a lawn is, for many people, confined to the spring and summer months, when the weather is at its warmest. However, maintaining a lawn is a year-round task.

Having a well-kept lawn on a property enhances both its appearance and its value. A well-maintained lawn is a pleasant green space to relax in and to entertain guests on when the weather permits. A lawn is also a great space for children to play in.

Maintaining a lawn may seem to be a time-consuming and difficult task but with the right equipment and the proper organization, it need not be. Garden and lawn maintenance equipment, such as the ranges offered by Pat’s Small Engine, are readily available.

Different times of the year mean different tasks for lawn maintenance.


As temperatures begin to rise in spring and the grass starts to grow again, lawns need some particular care and attention. An increasing reliance on fertilizer and water are two particular issues. It may become necessary to begin watering a lawn on occasion toward the end of the spring period if the previous months have been characterized by dry weather. Early spring is an ideal time for both the laying of turf and the sowing of grass seed, as the temperatures rise and the risk of frost – if the area in question suffers from it – becomes less likely. For the first cut of the year, the mower should be on the highest setting available.


In summer, grass can come under considerable stress and if there are periods of drought, homeowners should avoid such tasks as scarifying and aerating, for fear of drying out their lawns even more. It is acceptable to apply another round of fertilizer to a lawn in the summer months, but only if there is rain forecast. Watering can be undertaken but lawns do have the ability to recover quickly from conditions brought on by drought so watering is probably best left for only extremely dry weather. Weeds will also be growing in the summer months so be sure to keep up a regular weed-removal routine and ensure their roots are destroyed. Mowing should be avoided during especially dry spells.


The fall is a critically important season for carrying out lawn renovations. In spring, nitrogen is the key ingredient for feeding a lawn in order to stimulate growth; but in the fall, potassium is essential to toughen up the grass ahead of winter. Leaves should be removed from the lawn and scarifying and aerating carried out.


Not much work can be carried out with a lawn during the winter months but avoid walking on it if there is frost because it can affect re-growth. Remove any remaining leaves during periods of dry weather because their presence on the lawn blocks out essential light. Mild periods of weather are also a good time to dig up any parts of the lawn where new turf is going to be laid in the spring.

To keep a lawn well-maintained, do not overlook the different tasks that need to be done in each of the four seasons of the year and ensure that lawn equipment is kept in good order.

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