Dress Your Windows The Right Way To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

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Keeping your energy bills down in the heat of summer or the cold of winter is challenging. In the heat, you want the air conditioning and fans on through the night and day to keep cool. In the winter, the heating is needed to keep the internal temperature at a safe level. All of this can cost a fortune in energy. Your windows, and how you dress them, can help save you money through the seasons. Here’s how:

Blockout Blinds – Roller blinds that offer a complete blocking out of the sun’s rays are a great way to stay cooler in the summer. Visit websites like http://www.yesblinds.com.au/content/15-roller-blinds to see the different options available. A good blockout blind will stop all of the light coming in too. This is perfect for those sleeping through the day like night shift workers and babies.

Venetian Blinds – These horizontal slats can be tilted to avoid the glare of the sun getting into the room. Because they are slatted, the air from the open windows can still easily pass through. It means the blinds aren’t blown about too much either. They can be closed completely to avoid a lot of heat coming in too. You can buy them in a wide range of finishes to make them stylish for your home.


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Sheer Curtains – These are also sometimes known as net curtains. You can see through them to the outside, but the darker interior is invisible from the outside. This makes them ideal for privacy whatever the weather. In summer, they allow the air to come through from the open window easily.

Panel Glide Blinds – The panels usually run from ceiling to floor in length, and so are ideal if you have large patio doors. Not only do they offer privacy, but they can be moved as the sun comes across the doors to stop the worst of the heat and glare. Because they are in panels, you can easily open or close them for privacy and light control.

Thermal Curtains – In the cold of winter, a lot of your home’s heat is lost through the glass panes and frames of your windows. This can be dramatically reduced by closing your thermal curtains. They are also rather good at getting rid of drafts from around the windows too. Some homes have them installed across external doors too for this purpose. Many are blackout curtains too, helping to avoid any unwanted daylight or street light from coming in.

When the sun is particularly hot, it’s important to block it out to avoid the heat building up too much in your home. The UV light can cause sunburn and damage your furniture too. Controlling the light with blinds is very useful for families with small children. In winter, keeping a draught out can make the world of difference to the ambient temperature. You’ll feel warmer so you’ll not need to use the heating as much. This can save you a fortune in energy bills each year too. See how much you can save by dressing your windows for the weather this year.

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