Dreamed of owning a spa? Time to upgrade your bathroom

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If owning your own beautiful, tranquil spa has always been a dream, take a closer look at your own bathroom. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to transform the space with a few careful adjustments and redecoration. 

Get inspiration

There are so many superb sources of imagery, advice, inspiration and guidance online when it comes to decorating your house, and you’ll find plenty of beautiful pictures of spa style bathrooms, from city hotel chic to Balinese retreat.
The basics


Look at your bathroom suite. If it is old-fashioned, coloured, dirty or damaged, now could be a good time to replace it. As long as you aren’t planning to remodel the space and relocate plumbed in bathroom furniture, you’ll be amazed at the budget you can do this for. A great range of high street and online only stores now sell superb bathroom suites for excellent prices, and all with the smooth and undulating lines, chic finishes and modern touches that you want for your new bathroom. Look for composite materials to keep costs down, or go vintage, with a freestanding bath. If you go for a plain white suite with beautiful clean lines, you can’t really go wrong. You might also want to upgrade it with a feature tap or too. Look for other interesting features such as wall mounted toilets and basins, which free up valuable floor space and create a feeling of light and movement.

Your accessories

You’ll need to consider other pieces of bathroom furniture too. One essential component of any spa style bathroom is excellent storage. Rather than having bathroom items such as toiletries laying around, invest in chic vanity units, ideally mirrored, to provide multi-functional usage and to make the space look bigger. You’ll find a superb range at http://www.bellabathrooms.co.uk/vanity units.html. Put every piece of functional medicine, equipment and bathroom product in here. For towels, invest in a freestanding towel roll holder, or find a place to store extras. You only want a couple out on show, and they should be fluffy and luxurious. At tall chrome radiator can double up as good storage. For toiletries, only show your best items. Just a couple, and store everything away. A set of under sink cupboards or a series of stacked boxes can look very attractive. And it goes without saying that bathroom cleaning products should always be kept out of sight!

Colour and accessories

Now consider your colour scheme – white, soft green, wooden accents, duck egg blue – spas usually opt for cool shades, although you might want a zingy bright for a fresh finish. Look for natural and spa-like textures – a bamboo bath mat, or a stone inspired soap dispenser. Invest in some attractive bathroom plants to add to the feeling of tranquility and calm. Update your window dressings, clean roller or roman blinds, or light voiles to let the light in, for example. Add a candle or two for real bath time relaxation and that spa experience.

With these tweaks and tips you can create the bathroom that you’ve always dreamed of. Now you’ll just need to find some time to relax in it!


Image credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cliche/3248845976/

Source: http://www.houzz.com/spa-bathroom


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