Different Ways to Help the Environment While at Home

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More and more people these days are becoming location independent and working or studying from home; a lifestyle which has become very achievable with endless possibilities for making a living online, and various options emerging for flexible online degrees. Though it doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed or studying from home, there are a number of little steps which you can take at home which will help towards saving the environment. Contract Corporate Electric Company LLC to make sure your home electricity is environmentally friendly

Here are a few little steps which you can take to help the environment while studying or working from home.

Turn off Appliances

Making sure appliances are switched off when not being used is a simple thing you can do which goes a long way to helping the environment. It saves energy.

Image via Flickr by Robert S Donovan

Approximately 30% of the power consumed by a TV set is used while it is switched off, so be sure to actually turn it off at the power outlet to save as much energy and electricity as possible.

Not only is this contributing to saving the environment at home, it’s cheaper for you and you’ll have a much more pleasant electricity bill.

Manage Your Thermostat

Along the same lines of saving energy and lessening your electricity bill, be sure to manage your thermostat and only use it if necessary. This is one of the best ways you can help the environment from home.

Lessen your reliance on your thermostat by lowering it a few degrees in winter and using a blanket or an extra layer to stay warm instead. Utilize your windows to regulate the indoor temperature of your home, opening them in summer to allow the breeze to replace your air conditioner, and closing them in winter to keep the heat in.

Ceiling fans are a great alternative to an air conditioner, and filling the gaps on all sides of your windows and doors will help maintain the internal temperature of your home.


Recycling is an easy way to help the environment, and the effects on the environment are substantive. Recycling means reducing the waste which makes up a landfill, and the energy required for recycling is much less than the energy to create an object from scratch.

Recycling paper is a great way to help to the environment as it slows deforestation and reduces our need to rely on chopping down further trees. When in your home office or study use recycled paper in your printer and think about printing your lecture notes from that online llm degree on double sides before scrapping it.

Re-evaluate Your Transportation

Owning a car is convenient however it’s often not necessary to take it out of the garage when you could easily cover the same distance walking or by taking a bike or bus. Leave the car at home where possible and rest easy knowing you have contributed less to the atmosphere.

While you may think your individual impact is small, if the thousands of people working or studying from home begin to do the same, it can gradually make a big difference.

Authors Bio: Meg Jerrard is a writer and author at mappingmegan.com, and makes her living working from home as a freelance writer and blogger. She is very aware of the impacts one individual can have on the big picture when considering the environment, and works to make a positive impact where she can.


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