Choosing The Right Heat Pump For Your Property

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Commercial property owners and home-owners in and around the Norfolk area are looking for cost effective ways to provide their energy needs. There is also a growing focus on providing energy which is environmentally friendly and therefore provides financial gains from incentives focussed at making businesses and homes more carbon footprint friendly. One of the energy sources which a business or home can take advantage of is Air Source Heat Pumps. Here are some things that you should consider if you are thinking about installing one.


Air Source Heat Pumps Use The Environment Around Them:

Air Source Heat Pumps can provide warmth to your property and also heat your water. The pumps function by utilising heat in the air around us and turning that into a liquid. This liquid is then compressed to heat it even further. This heat is distributed through the heating system in your property. It works best with heating systems such as underfloor heating or special large radiators. It does not work so well with standard radiator systems as there is not enough heating space to work efficiently because Air Source Heat Pumps work at lower temperatures. They work most efficiently in mild climates and are at their best between temperatures of 4.4°C and 32.2°C. They can however still function satisfactorily at temperatures as low as -15°C. To see if installing one can benefit you, get advice about installing Air Source Heat Pumps in Norfolk from a local professional.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps a Good Choice For Me?

How much any individual or business can gain from installing an Air Source Heat Pump depends on many considerations. You will need to take into account the type of heating system that is currently installed in your home. It is possible to retrofit Air Source Heat Pumps to existing heating systems, but you will need to understand whether it is efficient for you to do so. If you have a heating system that incorporates small radiators and was previously run by oil or electricity you would be better to look at replacing the whole system in order to make the most efficient use of an Air Source Heat Pump. Asking for advice about the best mix of Air Source Heat Pump and heating system will mean that you make the most of your potential financial savings. You should also think about things like how good the insulation in the property is and make sure that it is the best that it can be.

Take Into Account All Costs:

Obviously you have to consider the installation costs when it comes to putting in any new form of energy source. You also have to offset this against several other things when it comes to renewable energy sources though. You will need to consider the possible savings on your energy bills once the Air Source Heat Pump is installed. As explained above, this will be impacted by several factors so you will need to discuss this with a local professional installer. You also need to take into account the fact that you will have access to grants that can help with the cost of installation and also to incentive schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive that can give you a financial boost by providing a set income once you have installed your Air Source Heat Pump.

You will need to consider many things before you go ahead and take up new energy technology like Air Source Heat Pumps. You will very likely discover that it will be to your benefit though. You could well be surprised at the savings which can be made.

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