Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent

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Burglars Do Not Discriminate!

If your property lacks a security system, it is 300% more likely to be burglarized! Burglaries can happen to anyone—anywhere. And on average, the typical victim will lose about $1,725 in damages and property loss. It’s expensive to be burglarized and your life (and the life of others) could also be in jeopardy. Unfortunately, even the police have a hard time with these cases. Only 13% of all reported burglary cases are ever solved; it’s a scary and true reality that every single person needs to understand.

How Does A Burglar Think?

Contrary to what you may be tempted to believe right now, the main concern of a burglar is not to steal from you. The burglar’s main concern is to not get caught. He will first look at the property that looks like a good target. He will look for any sign that he may be caught while also trying to figure out how much money is available inside. In the event that there is a home security system installed, most burglars will simply not want to break in.

To put it as simple as possible, if we have two identical properties and only one of them has a security system, the other will be targeted by the thief. The one with the security system in place will not even be considered because of the concern factor we mentioned above.

Security Systems For Home Renters

The big problem is always that the home renter does not actually think about installing a security system. After all, there does not seem to be a sense in installing a complex system if you do not own the property. We totally understand such a thought process but did you know that there is a solution for this problem?

Fortunately there are steps that renters and landlords can do to prevent such a catastrophe. Renters Alarm Co. provides high-quality wireless security systems to prevent against theft. The systems include a digital keypad, keychain remote, high-decibel alarm, up to 3 entryway contacts, a pet-sensitive motion detector and a backup battery. The fact that the system is wireless won’t impact the structure of your rental property and it’s able to be relocated to your next move! Renters Alarm Co. ensures your safety 24/7 with quality monitoring systems.

To put it as simple as possible, you can install a wireless home security system that is especially designed for a renter. If you move to a new home, the system can also be moved. In this way you are protected and the burglars will be much less likely to target you.


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