Antique, pine tables – fun, fashionable and always affordable

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Pine wood is traditionally the poor man’s wood. Furniture made from pine was, until the mid1970s considered not worthy of modern homes, with mahogany and oak wood being the preferred timber of fashionable furniture design and manufacture. Thankfully that thinking has fallen by the wayside and it is perhaps fair to say that pine furniture, in particular tables, have become fashionable and are in great demand yet have remained eminently affordable.

If you can get your hands on a piece of genuine antiquity or a piece made from reclaimed antique timber, you will have a startling piece of furniture central to your living space. If you want to make a lifestyle statement an antique piece will exemplify your lifestyle choices, as well as being a sound investment for the future. Such a piece, if you take a look in some of the interior decor magazines, is referred to as statement furniture


Have a rummage

Rummaging around the web lately (I do still rummage in real world stores) there is a swell of mix and match. It is not unusual to see an antique farm table such as the items listed on the OGT Store for example to be paired with shabby chic or industrial vintage items. An antique table as the centrepiece of a display for example, surrounded by furniture, fixtures and fittings which are classed as rustic, industrial vintage and shabby chic is currently in vogue.

Has mixing and matching of styles ever been out of vogue?

Unlike the modern styling furniture which seems to be either sharp and minimalist in design or rounded and elaborate. Modern furniture tends to be made to a theme whereas antique furniture was made as one-off pieces, not necessarily made for their looks but certainly made for their practicality.

The aforementioned styles are a hotchpotch of colour, design features and colours and yet, they all seem to work and merge well together. Interior design commentators and bloggers seem to be falling over themselves about rustic, shabby chic and industrial vintage being the latest trend.

In my experience it is a trend which has been popular for several decades and one which has not gone out of fashion. It is a lazy style; by that I mean you do not have to think about matching themes within a room or throughout the entire home. The mix and match of colour and material creates a canvas which, if it were a Picasso or a Daly would be worth far more than its weight in gold.

Love it or loathe it, rustic, shabby chic and industrial vintage has been around for a long time. Judging from their continued longevity and frequent appearances in ‘latest design trends’ it would appear the mix and match of those styles will be around for a long time to come.

Image credit: Olde Good Things

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