5 Modern Conveniences We Can’t Live Without

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5 Modern Conveniences We Can't Live WithoutLiving in a modern society, it can sometimes be difficult to even think about living without modern conveniences. Everyone grows accustomed to a certain way of living, but it’s a good idea to challenge what you think is important. Regardless of how you live, there are some modern conveniences that are challenging to live without. Here are five of the things we can’t live without today.


The Internet


Living without the Internet isn’t impossible, but it is an incredible challenge. Internet connects us to everything from banking to YouTube. Without the Internet, we forget where we are and have a hard time finding food late at night in a strange place. The Internet is a useful and omnipresent force in our lives.


Cell Phones


Everyone has a cell phone these days. If you don’t have a cell phone, you probably live somewhere without service. Cell phones are a necessary part of modern life that we can’t escape. We use them for directions, to find places, to connect to people and to text while driving. Being without a phone is difficult. They are cheaper, faster, smarter and better than we ever imagined they would be. Newer models keep getting more intuitive, and it makes it even more of a challenge to let them go.


Video Streaming Services


We used to rely on rental stores and premium television, but now those things are a thought of the past. Video-streaming services are all of the rage now, and they are a necessity for everyone. They can be used on most portable electronics, they are fast, cheap and provide endless entertainment for everyone. Netflix is a major source of streaming, and there’s always something to watch for a few bucks per month. Living without streaming would certainly be impossible.


Air Conditioning


Living in a hot or humid climate during summer absolutely requires air conditioning. This modern convenience is more important than the others listed. You can actually die if you get too hot, and air conditioning saves lives. AC repair in Columbus will help ensure you don’t get stuck without the precious resource of air conditioning in your home.




Laptops are great, but tablets are quickly becoming something we can’t live without. Computers and laptops are hard to transport, while tablets can nicely fit inside any bag. With portable keyboards, they can become a quick laptop to finish work and send emails while traveling. Tablets are mini computers, and they are a modern convenience we can’t live without.

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