5 Advantages Of An Eco-Friendly Home

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There is a huge amount of information on how you can make your home greener and why it is the right thing to do for the environment. However, do you know about the other advantages that come with an eco-friendly home; advantages for you? You may have heard about a few, but if you are keen to learn more about how going green at home can benefit you and your life; read on.

1. It will save you money

This is probably the most talked about benefit of making green choices at home. And, it’s not difficult to see why. Most people are attracted to measures they can take to reduce their domestic costs. Using energy efficient appliances and products around the home, like LEDs, you can slash your utility bills.

Investing in eco-friendly home improvements, like roof insulation and solar panels, will also help to reduce your domestic bills.



2. It’s better for your health

One eco-friendly choice you may wish to consider is to grow your own food at home. If you have the space, inside or outdoors, you can cultivate a whole host of vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains. A lot of natural produce that we buy from supermarkets is tainted by pesticide residue, which can be harmful to our health. However, with your home-grown food you can be sure you are eating healthy, chemical-free ingredients.

Additionally, chemical-laden cleaning products and aerosols which are terrible for the environment, are also bad for us. Environmentally focused cleaning products are far less risky for our lungs if inhaled and our skin if contact with the products is made.

3. It’s good education for your children

Taking actions to protect the environment at home is a great behaviour to pass on to your children. If they are educated on how and why they should preserve the environment, they will continue making eco-friendly choices as they grow up. And they may pass this way of life on to their children too.



4. It makes for a more interesting home life

I would argue that being eco-friendly leads to a much happier, more vibrant home. Colour coded recycling bins are far more interesting to look at than a conventional all-purpose rubbish bin.

If you have chosen to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants in your home or garden, this will add instant colour and vibrancy to your interiors and exteriors.

Recycled materials and upcycled furniture often have more character and interest than brand new items.

5. It’s more natural

When given the option, most people would choose to live in as natural a way as possible. However, often the eco-friendly domestic options are seen as the most costly and time-consuming. That is why people choose the more “convenient” but less natural options. However, the more demand there is for eco-friendly products, appliances and methods, the easier and more affordable they become.

There you have it folks. Focus on these wonderful advantages to both you and the environment as you continue to improve your eco-friendly homes.

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