10 Clever ways to Help Keep your Fridge Organised

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Keeping your fridge organised can feel like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can soon turn your fridge into an organised haven of delicious chilled goods.


1. Put things in boxes or baskets

Instead of leaving things to fester on the shelves or in the doors, organise the contents of your fridge by putting them in boxes for the different categories, such as meat, vegetables and dairy products.

2. Take it a step further and used a colour code system on the boxes/baskets

If you want to take it up a notch, you could use different coloured boxes or labels to correspond to things like expiry dates so you’ll know exactly when your food is going out of date.

3. Mark the date you opened things onto the lids

Use a sharpie to write on the different lids to show the date you opened them to help you know when the products can be used until.

4. Know where to store stuff

Knowing where in the fridge to store your different products is a good way to keep things organised and to help your things to last longer. There’s a good guide to this here.


5. Make your own mats for the shelves, for easy cleaning

DIY fridge mats make cleaning up after those inevitable spills and overflows much easier and they’re surprisingly easy, too,

6. Avoid over-stocking your fridge

As well as meaning you end up wasting more, over-stocking your fridge can actually reduce its efficiency as it can affect the temperature at different parts of it.

7. Ensure it’s kept cool

Whether you’re getting a new fridge from sites like Electric Shop, or you want to improve your older one, you need to make sure it’s at the right temperature. Whether it’s a freestanding fridge or an integrated one, it should be at an estimated 5 degree Celsius or below.

8. Know exactly what’s in it before heading to the supermarket

This will eliminate you buying things you already have and therefore don’t need. Instead of making a list if you’re in a rush, you could save time by taking a photo of the inside of your fridge instead.

9. Keep things whole and wrapped for optimum freshness and longevity

As soon as you’ve chopped up a vegetable and put it in the fridge, it will go off quicker than if you were to store it whole, so avoid doing this where possible. Also ensure you wrap things up; especially meat; to prolong their life and to avoid contaminating other fridge items.

10. Keep a note of what you have on the front door of the fridge

If you really want to get organised and on top of your family’s food wastage, keep a note and stick it on the fridge door that details what you have in there and when things go out of date. This will make meal planning a bit easier, too.

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